Can’t make mom friends

Last week kiddo and I spent every morning going to a 30 minute baby sign class. I learned some words, and I’m trying to teach her. She responds a bit. She learned the more sign a few months no problem. The new ones, not happening quick. Mostly for her because why talk with your hands when you can already talk with your mouth. There were a bunch of moms and babies. It was kinda nice to be around other mom’s.

A week ago today, my husband and I checked out our first daycare. Lots of organization, everything Organic, pretty cool. Also expensive. We aren’t going to go with them, mostly because way too expensive and way too orginizied for a part time situation. Someone was supposed to follow up with us in a few days. I have not received a follow up. Maybe they read my face.

My dad was visiting this past weekend. On Friday we went to the park. It was a beautiful day. There were a ton of kids and Mom’s doing the same as us. Get that kiddo out so she can run off some it’s rained for a week steam. She met a girl born in October. G was very interested in telling her new friend that the doll was “mine.” And the ball was a ball. I think she was trying to interact nicely, but it wasn’t working out. She did her run around and got very upset when it was time to go.

Neither one of us made friends this week. I am a bit sad about it, but also not. I have found that I don’t quite fit in to the Sahm Category. I think I need to learn how to play with others while having a toddler too. I find this the same with Mom groups, I try to post and have an interaction, but generally my post gets one like. Also with friends that became mom’s in the last few years that I was friends with way before babies involved. I just don’t fit in.

I have a few mom friends. My best friend from Highschool and I were pregnant together. Her son was born a couple weeks before G. My cousin’s girlfriend. Made a new friend chatting over blogging and mixed with Mommy biz. My SIL is cool, we just can’t complain about family together because that goes south fast. On the Mom to Mom front she’s awesome. I do have my family members I can chat with whenever. I wish I could be mom friends with my therapist (ridiculous but I wish she’s really fun!).

I expect one day I will make a mom friend that lives closer to me and kiddo will have a bestie. But I have definitely learned that even if they aren’t trying Mom’s these days are kinda mean girls. Or maybe I’m the mean girl and don’t know it.


Author: twistedjess

Mom of a beautiful toddler, wife of a bartender, life of stay at home from server and bartender. Big jump. Still taking it in. I love to write and ask crazy questions!

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