The next Day after🍀

It occurred to me this morning that I have angels. I know they’re there but I don’t always give them credit. I am so lucky to have good friends and an amazing family. I am also lucky that I have this ability to meet good people in my ridiculousness! Some assume I am crazy because of the situations I put myself in and amazingly find myself back home safe and sound. I do too frankly. There could have been a hundred times that I should not have made it home safe and yet here I am. Today I am happy. I blew off some well needed to get rid of Stay at home Mom steam on Friday. Had a fun time. Got some well needed husband love and woke up yesterday with a bit of a fuzzy head but no regrets about my Boston adventure. I generally have this thing called “Hang-xiety” the day after a night of drinking and that is when I do it close to home. I wake regretting having gone out and blown off steam and taking advantage of being away from the babe and some times the husband. Frankly I should not have to feel I did anything wrong because I don’t go out often, but sometimes I feel guilty. When my head is pounding it only feels worse. This time there is none. I do however wonder where it is that I get this no fear attitude and make friends with a stranger wearing green at a bar I’ve never been to, have some beers and make my way through a big (Irish) city I basically hate going to every day of the year except for maybe the (2nd) biggest party day that Boston has. Thanks to my angels and a little help from a stranger wearing green I made it home. Thanks to my friends and family I woke up smiling because I had an adventure! This Mommy is ready to go back to her boring (not so much) every day 24/7 stay at home life. #stpattys2017 #stayathomemom #greatadventures #hangxiety #angelswatching


Author: twistedjess

Mom of a beautiful toddler, wife of a bartender, life of stay at home from server and bartender. Big jump. Still taking it in. I love to write and ask crazy questions!

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